A Short Look On The History Of Numerology

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Published: 28th October 2011
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Numerology has a very straightforward premise and it is that numbers have more meaning than what a lot of people assume. It has had a long and rich history and it has been utilized by civilizations around the world, both modern and ancient. Each will offer a different analysis as to what the numbers signify and how they are calculated, but for the most part, the major themes have remained more or less the same. It does share a lot of the characteristics attributed to astrology, but instead of looking at the stars, numerology makes use of numbers and takes a look at their meanings and vibrations.

If we take a close look at the history of numerology, we are going to find an expansive list of societies who have used it. It goes back many years and spans the globe with practices in China, Egypt, and even in the New World. It's exact starting point, however is unknown.

Civilizations who are connected with the usage of numerology are far and ranging. There is a lot of evidence that people from the ancient world, the Mayans, the Incas, the Phoenicians, and those form ancient China and Egypt have practiced numerology to help them obtain a better understanding of the universe and of themselves. Even the first Christians utilized numerology to help get an understanding of things. It is also essential for the Hindu and for the people of India who have been using numerology through history.

Numerologist believe that each of the numbers in our day to day lives bear a vibration more than just its numerical value. Mathematicians and philosophers like Pythagoras and Agrippa have also concluded that there is much more to numbers and that they may take some spiritual value. Numbers have an effect on every aspect of life from the day that a person was born to the just the basic analysis of everyday. They also can be harnessed to identify bigger themes in the world and universe that surrounds us.

During the 20th century, numerology experienced a type of restoration with the publishing of books from L. Dow Balliet and from Florence Campbell. They created the modern formulas for calculating numbers and such are still being harnessed today to help reduce names to numbers and to predict possible themes for the future.

There beyond doubt is an extensive history of numerology. Modern day numerologist still utilize the principles that were created thousands of yeas ago with the addition of components such as behavioral and psychological characteristics. Formulas from Balliet and Campbell are still being utilized today as well. The numerology practiced now is a remarkable mix of the occult, belief, and cabalism.


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